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Website – Personal

Original price was: $349.00.Current price is: $299.00.

Aimed at people who want to start a website or personal blog and require the necessary technical help and advice to do so.


Characteristics and conditions of the personal solution website


  • Web domain:

The price offered includes the purchase or transfer of a domain whose value at the selected registrar is less than US$20. If the selected domain costs more than $20, it will be added to the price of the website.

  • Up to 5 pages:

This plan offers to build up to 5 static pages and 1 dynamic one for the blog. Of course you can request the construction of additional pages or build them yourself since you will have all the necessary accesses and tools to do so. Some examples of pages are: Home, contact, about us, products, services, frequently asked questions, portfolio, events, blog.

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  • Content Management System:

The website will be built using a content management system (CMS). Which will allow you to easily edit and add content.

  • Hosting included for 1 year (1GB):

For your benefit, this plan includes the web hosting service totally free for 1 year, which has a list price of $24.99 per month. After one year you can continue to use our service at the list price or you can move your website to another provider. The space allocated for this plan is 1GB, enough for a small website like the one included in this plan.

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  • Basic maintenance included for 1 year:

Another benefit you get with this plan is the free web maintenance service for 1 year, this has a value of $19.99 per month. After one year you can continue to use our service at the list price or you can do the maintenance yourself. Learn more about our web maintenance services by click here

  • SSL Certificate:

The website build includes the SSL certificate which authenticates the identity of a website and enables an encrypted connection.

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  • Blogging system:

You can easily post any content you want to share with the world.

  • Email Inboxes:

This plan includes 3 professional email inboxes with addresses of your choice. Each of these inboxes will have a maximum allocated space of 500MB. This service has basic features. If you require an email service with more advanced features, you can see our options by click here .

  • Personalized advice:

You can count on our full support to advise you on your digital presence needs. All the questions and suggestions you need.

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