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Web hosting plan – Enterprise


This plan is for large business or institutional websites that receive tens of thousands of hits per month and are resource intensive:



If your website has outgrown shared hosting solutions, it’s time to move to the cloud. Each cloud account is created in a private lightweight Linux container with dedicated RAM and CPU. The settings are optimized for efficiency and speed, ensuring top performance for your website.

20 GB storage space

Web space represents the amount of web storage available on each of the hosting plans. All plans use super fast SSD storage.


4 CPU cores

In its most basic form, a core is a processing unit that performs certain actions. Every action that the server executes is processed by the CPU, no matter how small or large the task is.

8GB Memory

The RAM or memory of the server is an important factor. It acts as a temporary short-term memory that processes data from solid-state drives to the central processing unit for quick and easy access.

200K average monthly visits

Monthly visits represent an approximate number of visits that the hosting plan is best suited to accommodate when all your hosted websites use the caching system correctly. It is just a reference point and not a restriction.


Powerful cloud server

Cloud hosting is particularly good for its redundancy. Even if one or some of the servers fail for any reason, the rest of the machines will continue to serve the cloud-hosted websites. Cloud hosting is better than having a dedicated server because of the added level of redundancy. If your dedicated machine suffers a hardware failure, for example, your site goes down and there’s no quick way to get service back. While in the cloud, if one of the machines that are part of the group fails, the rest will take over and your site will experience no downtime.

Shared server

All accounts on shared servers get a fair amount of resources to prevent individual users from causing performance errors that affect other users. This is why a system is used that monitors the consumption of server resources such as CPU, memory.

Web builder included

You can create a beautiful and attractive website or online store without any technical knowledge using the simple yet powerful drag and drop website builder.

Easy CMS installation

The custom setup wizard can help you start managing a new website in just a few minutes. It provides countless options including popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc.


MySQL databases

You can create databases in any of the plans. The database cannot exceed 1000MB to ensure optimal and fast query execution.


Creating subdomains

A subdomain allows you to create a separate website under the main domain name. For example, if your domain is yourdomain.com, the subdomain should be something like blog.yourdomain.com. On the other hand, parked domains will allow you to have multiple domain names resolving to the same website. For example, register yourdomain.net and yourdomain.org and assign them to go to yourdomain.com.


Self-management tools

All the sites you set up come with the powerful and intuitive control panel, which allows you to easily manage your site’s files, emails, databases, DNS zones, backups, caching and many more features.


SSD Storage

Files and databases are stored on the latest solid-state drive technology. SSD drives provide a 1000x increase in I/O operations compared to regular drives.

Free CDN

CDN services make your website load faster anywhere in the world by caching your content and distributing it across multiple data centers. When a visitor accesses your website from a remote location, the CDN delivers the content from the nearest data center.


SSL Certificates

We provide free automated installation of SSL certificates for all domains hosted on Let’s Encrypt Open Certificate Authority (CA) shared plans. No complicated setup, no validation emails. They renew automatically and are compatible with all major browsers.



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