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We know what you're going through

Maybe you don't find someone who understands your expectations and quality standars

Did your emails not arrive?

Your customers say you didn't send them any email but you think you did.

Does everything go to the "Spam" folder?

You always have to be checking the spam folder for important mail.

Do you see security errors all the time?

You get constant errors that scare you and slow down your work constantly.

Have your mail been hacked and information stolen?

Do people receive emails as if they came from your company, but it is not?

The solution

Business quality email


Enjoy business email solutions integrated with office productivity tools such as word processors, spreadsheets, secure cloud storage, etc.


World class software

These email solutions offer security and privacy features appreciated by the largest companies in the world.

WebtrustCR advises and configures all the features according to the needs of your company.

Your privacy and email service always come first.

  • * Phone and tablet apps
  • * Superior spam blocking
  • * Custom address your@yourdomain
  • * Complete calendars
  • * Fast and responsive interface
  • * Easy to use email import tool

With these tools only you and your trusted business partners see your emails. Admin controls let you manage access levels. Advanced security settings keep data safe.


Use your own domain, forget about the generic, every time you send an email your brand will be the one they see.


Reduce the amount of spam significantly with highly effective protection filters.


Receive notifications of your business email instantly with an exclusive App (mail client) for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


Take care of your e-mail and increase your productivity with an easy-to-use integrated calendar. Also, sync other calendars, Google, Outlook and many more.​


Think you might forget your password? no problem, configurable to recover access through your cell phone number. Available in business and corporate mail.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

    Add an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication. A one-time password, combined with your password, ensures high-level security.

  • Many email aliases

    Create more than one unique email address for each user by setting up email aliases.

  • Password policy

    You may want to ensure that your users create a strong password by enforcing a password policy and password expiration period.

  • Mail authentication

    With validation protocols like SPF and DKIM, you'll never doubt the authenticity of an email again.

  • Hundreds more features

    If you are a technical person who likes to know all the details of what you are going to use, request our brochure with the complete features that our systems offer.

  • Exclusive application

    Manage your business communications. Dedicated mobile apps for Mail make it easy to stay in touch from anywhere

  • Other integrated applications

    You'll get a calendar, contacts, tasks and notes straight to your inbox. Share calendars with your team to implement smooth and easy scheduling.

  • Large attachments

    Upload attachments up to 250MB as a link and set access permissions.

  • High level security and privacy

    Take full control over your email data. Our privacy practices are best in class and ensure that your data belongs only to you.

  • Extensive control panel

    The administrator can access all the settings, statistics, configurations and customizations.


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Step 1

1. Contact us and let's talk about the characteristics, needs and expectations of your business.

Step 2

2. We will evaluate which is the most suitable software solution for your company and we will offer you a quote in great detail.

Step 3

3. We will request the information requirements and temporary access necessary to configure the tool you chose.

Step 4

4. In 48 hours you will get a fully functional email system with the highest security, privacy and productivity features.

Don't settle for less

Choose for team collaboration and productivity tools that offer great productivity and advanced security features

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about email systems

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  • 1.Can a user have multiple business email addresses?

    Yes. In order for a user to have multiple email addresses, email aliases must be created. You can add up to 20 email aliases for each user. Ask about our different plans.

  • 2.Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

    No, it is not necessary. However, if you purchase our service by making an annual payment, you get a better price than if you paid semi-annually or quarterly. On the other hand, if your company ...

  • 3.Do I have to have a website to have a professional email?

    No, it is not necessary. But if you are a small or large business, it is highly recommended as people tend to search for company information when they see an email that is associated with ...

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